Hey, sweet: What should we write on our “About” page?

Dunno. Probably something to do with food.

Should we talk about growing up in Salt Lake? Then maybe about moving to Chicago? God, that was the best job ever. Getting paid to eat at restaurants. And write about them.

I know, we were lucky.

How many restaurants did we eat at in Chicago?

I don’t know. A shitload. Remember making the list on the drive from Chicago to Venice. It was in the hundreds. Where is that list?

Somewhere. God, what a drive. Breaking down in North Platte, Nebraska. Ridiculous luck. At least we got to try a Runza. I’m glad for that.

Yeah. It was good. Hardly made up for the hassle of replacing the alternator.

Should we mention we now live in Portland?

I’m sure it’ll come up. And our neighborhood?

Yeah, I love it. Should we mention the pets?

You can’t really talk about us without talking about them. They like food more than anyone I know. Did I tell you that cat absconded with my ham? Yesterday while I was cutting something else?

Yes. You told me.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. JWalton said

    Man, it was a memorable night and I can attest to a terrific meal. Reading your write-up takes me right back to Beast, so much so that I can’t wait for our next outing.

    It’s funny, I find myself looking forward to reading your blog, and I dig the logo, too.

    All the best you guys! Outstanding.

  2. I love whatever you create!!!

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